JK Moving Services Review 2023

We analyzed more than 10,000 moving reviews and compared a dozen companies to identify JK Moving Services as one of the best long-distance movers.
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4.8 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Excellent customer reviews
  • pro
    $250 deposit
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    No online quotes
Kurt Manwaring
Researcher & Writer
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February 21, 2023
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JK Moving Services is one of the best interstate moving companies we’ve ever seen. It gets industry-leading customer satisfaction scores, charges a deposit of only $250, and targets itself toward high-end buyers who value top-notch quality.

pro Premium quality
pro $250 deposit
pro Excellent customer reviews
pro Climate control storage options
pro International moving services
con High prices
con No online quotes

Compare JK Moving Services to our favorite moving companies.

JK Moving Services compared to other companies

JK Moving Services has the highest customer review scores and one of the lowest deposits in the industry:

Average customer review score (out of 5)
Deposit amount
Learn more
3.625%10% Move.org discount, military, seniors
4.135%Disabled persons, military, seniors
4.033% or lessCollege students, military, seniors

JK Moving Services plans and pricing

JK Moving Services charges a flat rate deposit of $250. You’ll want to talk with a company representative to get a quote for the rest of your move. Prices can vary by thousands of dollars depending on your home size and travel distance. The time of year also comes into play (moving is most expensive from late spring to early fall). Most moves fall into the ballpark range of $5,000–$15,000.

Why we recommend JK Moving Services

Top-notch moving reviews

JK Moving Services gets the best customer reviews in the business. Our analysis of more than 10,000 reviews shows that JK Moving’s average customer star rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars—or about one-half star higher than the rest of the moving industry.

Spend a few minutes reading online reviews, and you’ll see why. This is a small sample of things you’re likely to see praised in JK Moving Services reviews:

  • 24/7 customer service. JK Moving Services reps are available around the clock. Many interstate moving companies don’t even provide weekend support.
  • Approachable reps. Customers seem blown away by JK Moving’s customer service. They often call out how easy it is to work with company reps to get quotes and go through the moving process.
  • Accurate quotes. We haven’t been able to verify this, but customers sometimes comment on how accurate JK Moving’s initial quotes are. We rarely see that in customer reviews, so there may be something to these reports.
  • Careful with belongings. Many customers point out that JK Moving Services handles valuables with care. The movers work hard and fast—but don’t come across like they’re in a hurry.
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Chuck Kuhn started JK Moving Services after having a bad overseas move with another company. Forty years later, his commitment to excellence has resulted in the industry’s best moving reviews.

$250 deposit

JK Moving Services charges a flat rate deposit of $250. That’s about 10 times less than what most movers will ask you to pay up front. Many deposits are nonrefundable, meaning that if you have to cancel, you could lose thousands of dollars. JK Moving is so confident you’ll like what you see that it maxes your potential loss at $250. And even then, it sometimes gives you the cash back as a credit toward a future move.

JK Moving deposit fees compared to other companies

Data as of July 14, 2022. Deposits are estimates and may vary based on location and availability. Based on an average interstate moving cost of $7,500.

Climate-controlled storage options

JK Moving can help with all of your storage needs. It provides wide-ranging storage options, including climate-controlled storage. That comes in handy if you have items that might not do well in extreme temperatures. Climate-controlled storage units use heating and air conditioning to make sure your personal belongings don’t get too cold, wet, or hot.

Specialized storage is typically recommended for items that are especially valuable or sensitive:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Clothing and fabric
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Important paperwork
  • Musical instruments
Storage Unit
Other storage features

JK Moving Service storage units also come with 24/7 video surveillance, fire suppression systems, and motion sensors.

Premium quality

JK Moving Services has prices on the high end because it provides top-notch quality. Yes, you can find traditional moving services like packing and unpacking. But JK Moving has a menu of premium moving services ideal for those who can afford the extra costs:

  • Private flights. JK Moving can charter an airplane for you and your family to travel to your new home in luxury.
  • On-site management. JK Moving Services can fly its moving coordinator to your new location so that they can supervise your move firsthand.
  • Financing. Professional movers can be expensive. JK Moving provides funding for qualified applicants with rates as low as 0%.
  • Technology. We mention this elsewhere, but JK Moving Services employs cutting-edge technology, from GPS tracking to artificial intelligence quote software.
  • Pet relocation. JK Moving Services offers specialized pet shipping services through its sister company, CapRelo.

Looking for premium quality?

Features and services

JK Moving Services provides local, long-distance, and international moving services. While the company has three hubs in North America (Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), it can typically accommodate your move anywhere in the country—or the world:

  • Long-distance moving
  • Local moving 
  • International moving
  • Employee relocation
  • Government
  • Commercial relocation

In addition, JK Moving provides several additional services to help your move go smoothly:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customer mobile app
  • Financing
  • Insurance coverage (“valuation”)
  • International freight forwarding
  • International moving checklist
  • Personal move coordinator
  • Professional moving crew
  • Storage services
  • Virtual surveys

JK Moving Services at a glance

DescriptionJK Moving Services information
MC #
Broker, carrier, or hybridHybrid
Average customer service rating (out of 5)4.2
Years in business40
GPS tracking
Icon Yes  LightYes
Local and long-distance moving services
Icon Yes  LightYes

JK Moving Services international services

JK Moving Services began after its founder experienced a rough overseas move. The company offers moving services to over 160 countries worldwide and brands its offerings as a way to move “overseas without over-stressing.”1

History suggests it gets the job done. JK Moving Services boasts Fortune 500 companies and US presidents among hundreds of thousands of international clients. It even has a helpful international moving checklist to make sure you don’t overlook critical details, such as:2

  • Visas. Waitlists are long these days. JK Moving suggests you request info to obtain a visa or work permit about six months before you leave.
  • Passports. JK Moving Services recommends ensuring your passport, driver's license, and other documentation are up to date about 10 weeks before departure.
  • Expatriate organizations. The moving company suggests you contact expat groups in your destination country because they can help you settle in.
  • Money. JK Moving Services recommends putting together some foreign currency or traveler’s checks about one week before your move.
Badge Fun Fact
Hawaii and Alaska are considered “international”

Moving companies define international moves as anywhere you can’t drive a truck. That means you’ll be reserving an international move if going to Alaska or Hawaii.

JK Moving Services long-term review

Over the last several years, JK Moving Services has positioned itself as a premium-quality mover. It’s looking for customers willing to pay extra for an exceptional moving experience. Key updates include:

  • GPS tracking. JK Moving Services can now tell you where your belongings are during transit. 
  • Artificial intelligence. JK Moving uses an artificial intelligence program named Yembo to increase the accuracy of your moving quote.
  • Expanded service area. JK Moving Services is still your top choice for moves in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. However, the company can now offer moves anywhere in the continental United States (a sister company called CapRelo often lends a hand). Plus, JK Moving Services is making a play for international traffic, making it one of your best options for a premium overseas move.

Our recommendation

JK Moving Services is impressive. The company caters to customers who want the highest-quality moving services and uses technology like GPS tracking and artificial intelligence to provide a smooth experience. JK Moving Services is the number one option if you live in Washington DC, Virginia, or Maryland. However, its service area has expanded to the entire US—and virtually anywhere in the world. Plus, customers love it. JK Moving Services gets the highest customer satisfaction ratings for long-distance movers.

Looking for premium quality and customer satisfaction?

Interstate moving FAQ

How much does JK Moving cost?

JK Moving is on the pricey side. While it doesn’t publish cost information, JK Moving purposefully markets itself toward high-end customers who want the best quality moving services.

Does JK Moving Services do local moves?

Yes, JK Moving Services does local moves. While it offers the fastest service near one of its three hubs (in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia), JK Moving partners with a sister company to go everywhere else.

What is the best moving company for customer reviews?

JK Moving Services gets the best customer reviews in the long-distance moving business. It scores about one-half star higher than the competition and gets rave reports for things like professional employees and 24/7 customer service.

Does JK Moving Services do international moves?

Yes, JK Moving Services does international moves. The company prides itself on high-quality services, and its international movers can take your stuff almost anywhere in the world.

What kind of storage services does JK Moving have?

JK Moving has all the storage services you likely need—or want. That includes climate-controlled storage and top-notch security (like motion sensors, fire suppression systems, and 24/7 video surveillance).

Does JK Moving have packing services?

Yes, JK Moving has packing services. Your JK Movers receive training in a real home at the company headquarters and provide customized packing services based on your needs.

Is a moving truck cheaper than JK Moving Services?

Yes, a moving truck is cheaper than JK Moving Services. However, you also must do more of the work yourself, like packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and driving the moving truck.


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