2023 Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Review

We read thousands of reviews on Solomon & Sons Relocation, interviewed their sales manager and did our own secret shopping to bring you this review.
Best for east cost moves
4.2 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Great sales team
  • pro
    Low move-to-complaint ratio
  • con
    Limited availability
Lauren Holliday
Researcher & Writer
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August 08, 2023
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Solomon & Sons is a licensed and insured moving broker and carrier that services interstate moves in 45 states across the U.S.

Solomon & Sons Service Areas

They have a small fleet of 19 trucks and are based in Dania Beach, FL, so all east coast moves are carried out by Solomon & Sons themselves while all moves originating on the west coast are picked up by one of four moving companies Solomon & Sons subcontracts work out to on a regular basis.

If you live in south Florida, a company representative will insist on scheduling a free, in-person home inventory, which is the best way to get an accurate estimate that doesn’t change at pickup. Anyone outside of south Florida will have to do a FaceTime inventory instead, which can lead to an inaccurate, underestimated quote for one reason or another.

Another con for those residing outside the sunshine state is the deposit requirement. If your pickup location is outside of Florida, you’ll be required to pay 35 percent of the total estimate upon booking, whereas Floridians only have to pay 20 percent.

pro Low total move to complaint ratio
pro Excellent, highly informed sales team
pro Free, in-home estimates for those in south Florida
pro FaceTime estimates for those outside of south Florida
pro They offer senior and military discounts
pro Storage is available (Book 6 months of storage, and get the last month free)
pro They offer $100 off when you move your car AND your home
con Charges by cubic foot, instead of by weight, which is the typical way to quote in the industry
con Pickups outside of Florida require an additional 15% deposit
con Limited payment options (No American Express)
con Some good reviews seem fake, and bad reviews seemed buried
con West coast moves are picked up by other moving companies


Unlike most reputable, interstate moving companies, Solomon & Sons charges by cubic foot, or rather space on the truck, as opposed to by total weight of your home inventory. Of course, distance (mileage) affects the cost as well.

In order to get an idea for their pricing, we pretended we were moving a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house from Deerfield Beach, FL to Cambridge, MA – a total of 1,464 miles and requested an initial quote WITHOUT doing a home inventory first.

We had already received an estimate from another moving company we had done a home inventory with, so we just gave the Solomon & Sons’ sales rep the total weight of our inventory from that quote, and he translated the weight into cubic feet, which came out to 1,172 cf.

From there, he was able to give me an estimate of $7,911.90 (see screenshots below).

The basic cost of service includes:

  • Disassembling and assembling of basic furniture
  • Wrapping & Protection of all furniture items with moving pads
  • Detailed, itemized inventory list
    All transportation costs, including taxes, tolls, mileage & fuel surcharges
  • Customer support throughout the course of your move
  • Loading & unloading of all items
  • Standard valuation protection at the rate of 0.60 per pound per article.

Accessorial services and additional fees (if applicable):

  • Long carry first 75 feet are included. Each additional 75 ft. is $75.
  • Stairs: 14 steps are included in the basic estimate. Each additional flight (7 steps) is an additional $75 per flight.
  • Packing and unpacking: Packing supplies and crate services, if not already listed within the proposal, are not included. These services are not included with a basic estimate either.
  • Bulky items/special handling: There’s an additional charge for special handling of items like motorcycles, pianos, gun safes, Pelotons and similar speciality items.
  • Storage: Storage costs are $40.00 per 100 cu.ft. per month + $39 monthly administrative fee, non-prorated ($189 minimum).
  • Shuttle service: If a semi-trailer cannot get reasonably close to your residence for loading/unloading, a shuttle truck may be required to complete the relocation at a minimum charge of $300. The actual charge is subject to shipment size ($0.75 per cubic foot after 300 cu ft). **This one really seems to be an issue when reading reviews on Solomon & Sons. Many reviewers felt surprised by this charge, like it was sprung on them in the end.**

Packing material list:

Premium insurance pricing:

If I wanted to add full value protection insurance for my items, it would cost an additional $1,300 to $1,500 more, but check out those high deductible levels in the screenshot of the estimate above… While the deductibles feel pretty steep, they are in-line with competitors, as they all work with the same third-party insurance provider(s).

Customer reviews

We read 1,429 reviews on Solomon & Sons Relocation Services on Google My Business, Yelp, Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Affairs. Here’s what we learned.

At a glance

  • Many customers leave the same review, especially if it’s negative, across multiple platforms/websites.
  • It looks like there is a decent amount of fake, positive Google My Business reviews, burying negative reviews.
  • Many positive reviews on Google My Business were for moves that haven’t been completed yet, which seemed odd.
  • Negative reviews center around a few issues: Surprise charges during the moving process (underquoted estimates) and items damaged during the move.

Google My Business reviews

Solomon & Sons Google My Business features reviews from 830 customers, with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

While this sounds stellar at first glance, when we dived deeper, we found a lot of seemingly fictitious, or at the very least questionable, five-star reviews, often burying in-depth, bad reviews.

The company is highly active on Google My Business, responding to all negative reviews with detailed comments, albeit somewhat unhelpful at times.

Yelp reviews

Their Yelp page features a much lower star rating at 3.7 stars, based on 312 reviews. Solomon & Sons does not respond to reviews on Yelp, and many reviews are duplicated across sites by the same customers.

BBB accredited (A+)

Solomon & Sons is accredited by the BBB, which really doesn’t mean much, because you pay to be accredited by the BBB, but it does show an effort on their part, as they actively respond to all complaints on this page as well.

According to their BBB page, they have an average star rating of 4.15 based on 72 reviews, and their BBB rating is an “A+.”

Over the last three years, they’ve only accumulated 31 complaints, which is pretty good, considering Solomon & Sons has done more than 1,100 moves this year alone and 2,200 in 2022.

Consumer Affairs reviews

We included Consumer Affairs because it had 215 reviews, but many of those reviews are duplicates of the same customer complaint on other platforms.


Out of the 30 moving companies we’ve researched on Move.org, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services seems to be a fantastic option for all long-distance moves originating on the east coast.

Things to watch out for:

  • In order to make sure your belongings don’t arrive damaged or are at least compensated for them if they do, purchase premium insurance (full value protection) and do a detailed home inventory, taking pictures of all of your high-ticket items and most valuable family heirlooms.
  • Watch out for additional costs in the form of accessorial charges. A few reviews mentioned their original quotes went over by a couple thousand dollars after realizing they needed a shuttle service due to road constraints. Make sure to give both residences’ full address, and explicitly ask a representative to make sure they quote for any additional shuttle service that may be required.

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Not sure Solomon & Sons is right for you?

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