How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Storage Unit?

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August 09, 2023
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How much does a storage unit cost?

Average storage unit costs are about $180 per month. Our analysis of more than 3,500 quotes shows that prices from the best self-storage companies range from around $70 to $300, depending on size, type, and availability. Because storage unit prices are based on demand, you can often trim costs by comparing quotes from several storage facilities in your area.

Compare storage unit costs

Self-storage company
Monthly storage unit price
Learn more
Life Storage$230

Data as of December 2022. Storage unit prices exclude a one-time administrative fee, monthly insurance costs, and special promotions.

How much do storage units cost?

Storage units cost about $180 per month. However, storage costs vary depending on size, type, and availability. For example, you can get a small unit for less than $10. On the other hand, a unit with a lot of square footage will set you back around $300. In general, your cost doubles each time you jump a size.

Average storage unit cost

Storage unit size
Average monthly cost
Cheapest option
Small (5x5–5x10 ft.)$60
Medium (5x15–10x15 ft.)$140
Large (10x20–10x30 ft.)$260

Data as of December 2022. Storage unit prices exclude a one-time administrative fee, monthly insurance costs, and special promotions.

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How much does climate-controlled storage cost?

Our analysis of more than 3,500 quotes suggests that climate-controlled storage costs around $190 per month. That’s a fairly good bargain considering traditional storage units cost only $10 less. Climate-controlled storage uses heating and air-conditioning to keep your belongings within a consistent temperature range.

When do I need climate control?

The best climate-controlled storage companies recommend these specialized units for items that can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Books
  • Clothing and fabric
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Important paperwork
  • Musical instruments

Fun fact: Storage unit companies say that climate-controlled storage costs more (and it does). However, trends over the last two years show minimal extra cost due to year-round online sales. So for an additional $10 monthly, you can protect your household inventory from humidity and extreme temperatures.

What is the average cost of vehicle storage?

The average cost of vehicle storage is approximately $210 per month. However, it’s helpful to know that vehicle storage spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Similarly, prices are all over the place. For example, we’ve seen units large enough for an oversized RV cost as little as what you’d typically pay for a sedan that fits inside a one-car garage. But $210 is a good ballpark figure.

Check with your local self-storage unit companies to see how much each of these units cost (and if they’re available):

  • Antique vehicle storage units
  • ATV storage
  • Boat storage spaces
  • Camper storage spaces
  • Car storage spaces
  • Classic car storage units
  • Light truck storage spaces
  • Luxury vehicle storage units
  • Motorcycle storage spaces
  • Motor home storage spaces
  • RV storage spaces
  • Truck storage spaces
  • Work truck storage
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How do I ship my car?

All it takes to ship your vehicle is a call to one of the nation’s best car shipping companies. They’ll handle everything from the pickup to delivery.

What factors affect the cost of a storage unit?

Several factors affect storage unit prices. Your average monthly cost for storage will go up or down depending on your storage unit size, type, and availability. You should also account for fees and promotions:

  • Smaller units are more affordable than large ones. For example, the average small storage space costs only $70 (compared to $280 for big units).
  • You pay an extra $10 monthly to store your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Nearly-full storage companies cost more than facilities with lots of empty units. You can often save a ton of cash by comparing prices at several nearby locations.
  • Storage unit prices vary based on where you live. For example, we analyzed thousands of quotes in five regions across the country and found that storage costs the most in the Northeast ($200) and the least in the Southwest ($160).
  • Most storage unit companies charge sales tax, a one-time administrative fee, and a monthly storage insurance charge.
  • Storage unit companies offer more discounts than any other part of the moving industry. Keep your eye out for popular deals like online price cuts, “first-month free” specials, and seasonal markdowns.
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What storage unit size do I need?

The nation’s most popular storage unit size is a medium 10 x 10 unit. However, the ideal storage unit size depends on how much space your stuff takes up.


Self-storage units cost approximately $180 per month, although storage costs can exceed $300 for large units. Your monthly storage cost also goes up about $10 if you need climate control. Our analysis of more than 3,500 quotes shows that the best storage unit companies charge about $10 less per month.

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Rent storage unit cost FAQ

There are nearly as many storage discounts as there are storage units. All you need to do is compare online prices. Virtually all of the best self-storage companies provide steep discounts for placing a reservation online.

The square foot capacity of a large storage unit generally ranges from about 200–300 square feet. That’s usually enough to fit belongings from a large apartment or a house.

The best storage provider is Extra Space Storage, according to The self-storage company is known for its excellent customer service and has nearly 2,000 locations.

Storage insurance rates start at about $10 per month. Check with your storage unit company for specific pricing information. Some companies also allow you to use your homeowners insurance.

Add taxes and fees to your monthly storage bill to determine storage costs. For example, if the company charges you $200 per month, you’d also want to include a one-time administrative fee, state taxes, and monthly storage insurance costs.

Can you store your vehicle in a storage unit?

You can usually store your vehicle in a storage unit. However, self-storage companies also offer specialized vehicle storage spaces for around $210 per month.

What is the average cost of vehicle storage?

The average cost of vehicle storage is approximately $210 per month. However, prices vary depending on the size and availability of your vehicle storage unit. For example, RV storage may cost more because the vehicles are abnormally large.

Where can I find a portable storage container?

You can find a portable storage container at a moving container company. The best portable storage companies, according to, are PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT, and Zippy Shell.

How much does a portable storage container cost?

The average cost for a portable storage container is approximately $3,870 (including transportation fees). However, total storage costs are more comparable to traditional storage units if you don’t need to transport your belongings to a new location.

Who has the lowest prices in the self-storage industry?

Extra Space Storage has the lowest prices in the self-storage industry. In addition to having a wide variety of sizes, Extra Space Storage also has more than 150 million square feet of nationwide storage space.

What companies have cheap storage units?

Extra Space Storage and CubeSmart have the cheapest storage units. Their average monthly cost of $160 is about $20 below the self-storage industry average.

How much is a small storage unit?

The average cost of a small storage unit is approximately $70. Small storage units range from about 25–50 square feet and can hold things like business supplies, sports equipment, and small amounts of other items from your home.

How much does it cost to rent a storage unit?

The average cost to rent a storage unit is about $180 per month, but prices vary depending on size and availability. For example, a smaller unit may cost only around $70 per month, while a larger unit could set you back nearly $300.

What is a 10 x 20 storage unit price?

The average price for a 10 x 20 ft. storage unit is approximately $280. A 200-square-foot unit often fits most items from a home or large apartment.

Should I compare storage unit prices?

Yes, you should compare storage unit prices across storage facilities. Self-storage prices vary so much from one company to another that you can save upwards of $100 just by shopping around.

How much does storage space cost at Public Storage?

Storage space at Public Storage costs approximately $210 per month.

Do you need to pay for the maintenance of your storage unit?

The cost of maintenance is included in your monthly storage unit bill. However, if you fail to pay on time, the storage company may list your items in a storage auction.

Does U-Haul have storage lockers?

Yes, U-Haul has storage lockers. The company is mainly known for its moving truck expertise but has lockers in varying sizes up to 50 square feet.

How much does it cost to rent storage in New York?

The cost to rent storage in New York depends on the storage company, unit availability, and the size of your storage space. However, average costs are likely in the neighborhood of $200 per month.

How much will it cost to rent a storage unit near me for a year?

The average annual storage unit cost is approximately $2,160, plus taxes and fees, according to our analysis of more than 3,500 quotes. The best storage unit companies also provide security features such as video surveillance and extra lighting to keep your belongings safe.

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