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August 04, 2020
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Renting a moving truck and packing it yourself is one of the cheapest ways to move, but is it possible to make your moving budget go even further?

Short answer: yes.

Most of the big moving truck rental companies offer year-round discounts as well as seasonal deals. This makes it easy for a crafty consumer to save big when they rent a moving truck.

Keep reading for a list of promotional deals and discounts offered by some of our favorite truck rental companies.

Moving truck rental discounts

Budget Truck Rental year-round discounts

Military service member discount
Budget Truck Rental
pro 20% off truck rental
AARP member discount
Budget Truck Rental
pro 20% off truck rental
Police, firefighters, and EMT discount
Budget Truck Rental
pro 20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves

Other Budget Truck Rental discounts

Discount recipients

Motor Club members

20% off local moves, 15% off one-way moves


20% off local moves, 15% off one-way moves

Bar Association members

20% off local rentals, 15% off one-way rentals

Budget truck rental seasonal discount

Between now and December 31, 2020, you can save 20% on a Budget truck rental by using promo code 20DIS when you book online.

Want to learn more about Budget? Read all about the company’s prices, services, and availability in our Budget Review.

Penske Truck Rental year-round discounts

Military service member discount
pro 10% off truck rental
Student discount
pro 10% off truck rental

Penske also gives long-distance moving customers unlimited mileage on one-way truck rental moves.

Read our Penske Review to learn more about the company’s prices and services.

U-Haul truck rental year-round discounts

Choice Hotels discount
pro 15% off hotel price
Wyndham Hotels discount
U-Haul Logo
pro 10% off hotel price
Free storage
U-Haul Logo
pro One month of free storage (select locations) for U-Haul truck or trailer rental customers

Check out our U-Haul Review to get the full scoop on this moving truck rental giant.

Is renting a truck the cheapest way to move?

Yes, renting a moving truck and packing it yourself is by far the cheapest way to move. The only way you could possibly save more money on your move is by packing everything you own into your personal vehicle or a friend’s truck.

While this fully DIY method can certainly be cheaper than renting a truck, it usually requires several loads, making it virtually impossible for long-distance moves. Also, all that gas money is going to add up if you’re driving back and forth between your old house and new house all weekend.

Additionally, some furniture items (armoires, sectionals, entertainment centers, etc.) just won’t safely fit in your uncle’s flatbed.

Renting a moving truck more than pays for itself when you factor in the speed, safety, and convenience of having the ideal vehicle for the job.

What is the cheapest truck rental for moving?

While it’s hard to predict moving truck rental prices, the two companies that usually offer the lowest rates are Budget (go figure) and U-Haul.

But like we said, truck rental prices can be hard to predict for several reasons:

  • Companies charge more for rentals in different areas.
  • Some companies charge less for longer versus shorter moves.
  • Companies often change rates depending on availability.
  • Not all companies offer the same rental truck sizes.

Because of this variability, we always recommend getting quotes from multiple companies before you sign any rental contracts.

What moving truck rental company is best?

No two moving companies offer the exact same services, so definitively comparing them can be difficult. While U-Haul’s affordable pricing might be your highest priority, another customer might prefer Penske’s more diverse coverage plans.

That’s why we’ve broken down our favorite truck rental companies by who we think each company works best for. Whether you’re looking for the best prices, the most add-on service options, or the widest availability, you can find the perfect rental company on our list.

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