Where to Get Moving Boxes

We compared the durability and affordability of moving boxes offered by the biggest retailers to help you find the best place to buy your boxes. 

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    Two-day shipping
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    Tons of user reviews
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    4,700+ stores nationwide
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    Online inventory
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    Specialty boxes
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May 03, 2023
5 min read

It’s not that simple to find cheap boxes that hold up during a move. And moving boxes and moving supplies add up. If you’re moving or even storing some of your belongings to make space in your home, there are a lot of cost-effective ways to pack your stuff. Here are some of the most popular boxes to buy (and even some tips on how to find free ones.)

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Cheapest moving boxes

This is a list of recommendations for the best moving boxes and where to buy them, but we know that moving costs can add up quickly. If you're looking to save a few bucks, we’ve got a whole guide to the cheapest moving boxes.

4.9 out of 5 stars

Our top-rated mover

International Van Lines’ comprehensive list of moving services, worldwide availability, and unparalleled customer service make it one of the best options for any move.

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Amazon—Best online shopping

Moving box
Product name
Buy now
Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Kit Boxes$39.99
Duck Brand Dish Moving Kit$20.52
Bankers Box SmoothMove TV Moving Box (Up to 55")$38.63

Pricing as of 3/31/2023. Listing price subject to change.

Amazon is best for shopping online

As one of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon sells a wide variety of boxes at the click of a button. Whether you’re looking for a specific size or a specialty box to pack your large TV, you’ll likely find a box that fits your needs. 

Amazon has plenty of options, of course, but it’s also the best place to learn how each box holds up in the real world. Each item has a ton of customer reviews, which can help you decide if clicking the “buy now” button is actually a good idea.

One thing to note: most of Amazon’s boxes come in packs, so you might have a hard time if you just need one box. One of our other recommendations may be a better choice if you aren't packing much.

Why we recommend Amazon for moving boxes

  • You can buy boxes without leaving your couch.
  • Amazon Prime members receive free two-day shipping.
  • Amazon delivers boxes right to your door (or wherever you choose).
  • User reviews help you know you’re buying quality boxes.


Heads Up
Heavy-duty boxes

Look for boxes specifically designed for heavy-duty hauling or boxes made for packing specialty items (your TV or glassware), and don't forget to invest in solid packing materials.

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Walmart—Best in-store purchases

Moving box
Product name
Buy now
Medium Moving Boxes (20 pack)Medium Moving Boxes (20 pack)$39.98
Wardrobe Moving Boxes (Bundle of 3)Wardrobe Moving Boxes (Bundle of 3)$36.48
TV Moving Box for TV up to 70”TV Moving Box (Up to 70”)$29.95

Pricing as of 12/13/2022. Listing price subject to change.

Walmart is best for box shoppers who need other stuff too

Walmart carries moving boxes—and just about anything else you need—under one roof.

Walmart offers a large variety of moving boxes both online and in its stores. You also have the option to order your boxes on Walmart’s website and pick them up at your local store on the same day—an added level of convenience during a busy move or home renovation project. And, if you need other supplies for your move, you can pick those up at the same time.

Why we recommend Walmart for moving boxes

  • With nearly 5,000 stores nationwide, you’ll likely find a Walmart close to home.
  • Many Supercenters are open 24/7, so you can grab more boxes at 4 a.m. on the day of your move.
  • You can select your local store on Walmart’s website and browse in-stock inventory from home.
Your complete moving checklist

There's a lot more to moving than collecting boxes and packing supplies. Print out our comprehensive moving checklist to ensure you get everything done.

Lowe's—Best for home projects

Moving box
Product name
Buy now
Classic Medium Cardboard Moving BoxClassic Medium Cardboard Moving Box$1.98
Classic Large Cardboard Wardrobe Moving BoxClassic Large Cardboard Moving Box$2.48

Pricing as of 12/13/2022. Listing price subject to change.

Lowe’s is best for in-store home-improvement shoppers

Unlike Walmart, you can’t pick up your boxes and groceries at Lowe’s (unless you eat bird seed).

Lowe’s does, however, carry a wide selection of tools, lumber, and home fixtures in addition to moving and packing supplies, which makes it a one-stop shop if you’re buying boxes to pack in conjunction with a big DIY project you’re tackling.

Like Walmart, Lowe’s offers online ordering with in-store pickup, and you’ll find specialty boxes for packing up your clothes, dishes, and electronics.

Why we recommend Lowe’s for moving boxes

  • When shopping online, you can filter by items available at nearby Lowe’s locations and see what’s in stock on each product page.
  • Lowe’s sells tools and materials for DIY projects.

Home Depot—Best project guides

Moving box
Product name
Buy now
Home Depot Medium Moving BoxMedium Moving Box$1.34
Heavy-Duty Large Adjustable TV and Picture Moving Box$33.98
10-Box Kitchen Moving Box Kit$57.09

Pricing as of 12/13/2022. Listing price subject to change.

Home Depot is best for box shoppers who need details

Home Depot offers many of the same benefits as Lowe’s, including a large selection of home improvement tools, but Home Depot’s online shopping experience stands out between the two. In addition to a large selection of moving boxes, the website shows you a visual representation of each box’s dimensions, how many boxes are in stock at your local store, and project guides that cover basic moving and packing tips.

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Why we recommend Home Depot for moving boxes

  • HomeDepot.com provides more product information than other retailers’ websites.
  • It offers a basic moving guide to help you ensure you buy all the materials you need.
  • You can order packing kits for specific house or apartment sizes that ship for free to your local store.
  • Home Depot sells tools and materials for DIY projects.

U-Haul—Best with moving truck rentals

Moving box
Product name
Buy now
Medium Moving Box$1.85
3–4 Bedroom Household Kit3–4 Bedroom Household Kit$350.89
Uhaul Small Wardrobe BoxSmall Wardrobe Box$13.95

Pricing as of 12/13/2022. Listing price subject to change.

U-Haul is best for box shoppers renting a truck

U-Haul is one of our top picks on our Best Moving Truck Rental Companies list—and if you’re planning to rent a truck from U-Haul for your DIY move, you might as well buy your boxes there too!

Like the other companies on our list, U-Haul has a large variety of moving boxes and kits that you can purchase both online and in store. In addition to its selection of moving boxes, U-Haul also sells specialty supplies like storage bags and disposable moisture absorbers for preparing items for long- or short-term storage.

Why we recommend U-Haul for moving boxes

  • You can purchase moving kits and storage supplies in addition to boxes.
  • Select items are cheaper with in-store pickup.
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Budget boxes

Looking for boxes on a budget? All of the companies we've called out here offer wallet-friendly options. Learn more in our guide to cheap moving boxes.


Any of our recommended retailers will suffice for your moving needs. Amazon is best if you shop online while Walmart is best when you're already making in-store purchases. If you have home improvement goals, definitely go with Lowe's. Home Depot offers the best product details for those who want more information, while U-Haul is practical if you're renting a moving truck or storage.

Honorable mentions

If you still can't find what you're looking for, try one of these other retailers:

Moving box FAQs

How many moving boxes will I need?

Use a moving box calculator to estimate the number of boxes you’ll need. (Don't forget to make a home inventory while you're at it.) If you’re buying boxes, make sure you can return the ones you don’t use—this ensures you’ll have enough space but don’t have to spend more money than necessary. You can also purchase “moving kits” that include an assortment of boxes and moving supplies.

How do I choose the right types of moving boxes?

The best boxes for your needs will depend on your budget and what you’re moving. Standard moving boxes are perfect for books, kitchen items, and clothing. For expensive or breakable items, specialty boxes (made for glasses or dishes, for example) can save money and heartache in the long run. Mirrors and framed art require extra protection during a move—picture moving boxes will do the trick.

Not all boxes hold up equally against the tossing and jostling that happens in the back of a moving truck. One of the most common customer complaints about moving boxes is that items packed inside end up broken due to dents and tears. Make sure to choose heavy-duty boxes for heavier items.

Light Bulb
How to pack your kitchenware

Getting the right boxes for your dishes and fragile glassware is only half the equation. You've also got to pack them correctly. Check out our guide to packing your kitchen to ensure every plate, glass, and heirloom in your kitchen arrives in one piece. 

When you’re on a super tight budget, the best moving boxes are the ones that are free! You may be able to find free boxes in a few places:

  • On Nextdoor which allows to give away moving boxes and even packing supplies to others in the community who could reuse them
  • Via U-Haul’s Customer Connect, an online bulletin board that matches people who have boxes to give away with people who need them
  • Through moving companies, which sometimes offer seasonal specials for free moving supplies

Big-box stores and retail chains are also good sources of free boxes. The trick is to call ahead, speak with a manager, and ask that some boxes be set aside before they are flattened for recycling. Look for boxes that are clean and sturdy enough to hold your belongings. Be sure to avoid produce boxes since the last thing you want to do is to bring bugs along on your move.

Cardboard boxes aren’t the only game in town. You can pack into containers you already have, such as suitcases, duffel bags, garment bags, and plastic storage totes. Here are a few of our favorite reusables for you to consider.

We highly recommend storage bins and totes, which serve double-duty as secure storage for seasonal items that you want to pack away in your basement, closets, or garage.

Another eco-friendly alternative to the humble cardboard box: sturdy reusable plastic boxes that you can rent for your move. ZippGo and BungoBox deliver the boxes to you and then pick them up after your move. Renting is an ideal option if you want to go the reusable route but don't have space in your new home for a bunch of bins.

Many full-service moving companies offer moving boxes, packing materials, and other moving supplies like bubble wrap, blankets for furniture, markers, and tape. If you're looking for a convenient, one-stop-shop moving experience, be sure to mention to your moving company that you're interested in moving boxes.

To safely pack your belongings, you'll need some moving supplies besides boxes. We recommend a combination of bubble wrap, packing paper, and styrofoam (packing peanuts) in addition to items you already have—like towels and clothing—to cushion your fragile items.

Check out our five-step checklist to make packing easier.

Most movers require you to pack all items into a box before they will load your stuff onto a truck. However, many movers offer professional packing services if you need them. With some movers the cost already factored into its full-service package and with others it's an add-on service.

Yes, single-wall moving boxes can be used for shipping purposes. According to UPS's packing guidelines, boxes should be new or almost new. Pay attention to the quality of your boxes after you've used them for moving.

Recommended resources

Are you buying boxes for an upcoming move? Depending on your size and type of move and where you are moving, here are some moving essentials to consider:


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