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September 07, 2023
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At a glance

Let’s be honest: moving can be really hard, whether local or long-distance. And it can be even more difficult when there are young children involved. Your kids vie for your attention throughout the process, and they may also feel anxiety about the significant changes ahead.

Understanding the effect a move can have on your children can help you prepare for the adjustments and challenges ahead. We're here to help you smooth the transition with a few helpful moving tips.

The takeaway

The more frequently a family moves, the more critical the need for familial stability becomes. Preparation and active involvement are important concepts for moving kids of all ages. Children need to know the relocation plan, have a sense of involvement in the plan, and have a reason to feel excited about the move.

With the proper support from parents, moving can be a positive experience for children, leading to increased self-confidence and fostering interpersonal skills.

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What is the best age for a child to move?

Moving can be difficult for a child of any age, but some research indicates that moving is easier on kids under the age of five.

How do you prepare for moving with kids?

You can better prepare for moving with kids by telling them why and where you are moving, explaining the benefits of the move, and being honest about the life changes that will accompany the move. Involve your kids in the house-hunting process and let them participate in the decision-making process.

What should you pack first when moving with kids?

Before you start packing up your belongings, pack a bag of essentials for when you first arrive at your new home, including some clothes, toiletries for kids, favorite toys, and books.

How does moving around affect a child?

Sometimes kids can feel a sense of sadness about moving because of the loss of friends, familiarity, and routines. Parents can help kids see the bright side of a move by staying calm, being prepared, and highlighting the opportunities awaiting them in their new community.

Recommended resources

Moving with kids is easier when you’re well prepared. Check out these resources to help the moving process go more smoothly.


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